The Collection

This is a collection of original designs by Anna G. Perfect for your Halloween party, steam punk  convention, masquerade event, vampire ball, or just because. Pieces in this collection are hand made-to-order. The ability to customize each costume is available. Pricing, however, is subject to change.

To order please contact Anna G

Queen of Spades | $1,750.00 USD

“Overshadowed by her always popular sister, The Queen of Hearts, she demands your attention. Her jealousy, pride, and messy opulence rules over her, just as much as she wishes to rule over you.”

Costume Contents: 1 spade top w/ playing card choker and spade shoulder pieces,  1 beaded armband, 1 beaded headband with crown, 1 black skirt, 1 beaded hoopskirt with playing card waistband and hand-painted image.

Marionette Puppet | $800.00 USD Custom Made

“All she ever wanted was for somebody to pull her strings and make her feel alive. She wants to dance, to sing, and to speak about far away places she has never been to. Instead, she quietly waits in abandoned spaces hoping to be discovered.”

Costume Contents: 1 brown baby doll dress with deconstructed blue lace, 1 pair black lace-up leg warmers, 1 blue lace choker, 1 wooden string puller with harness.

Black and White Swan | $1,200 USD

“She wasn’t always tortured by the dichotomy of her personalities. She grew up as a soft and innocent swan. Painful experiences started a dark fire inside of her. It threatened to release all of her deepest passions. She resists the urge to let the black swan take over, but secretly longs for the freedom it promises….”

Costume Contents: 1 fully boned corset connected to feather choker, 1 full white skirt, 1 tulle petticoat, 1 black half over-skirt with studded belt, 1 white swan sleeve, 1 black swan sleeve

Steam Punk Tooth Fairy | $850.00 USD

“While all the other fairies liked pretty flowers and flying through large meadows, she stayed busy with her fascination of teeth. The obsession grew so big that studying her own were not enough, and she had to collect more to stash in jars, to observe under microscopes, and to power all her machines….”

Costume Contents: 1 fully-boned pleather corset, 1 choker, 1 stretch faux leather skirt, 1 pair lace wings, 1 set “teeth” jewelry, 1 pair fingerless gloves, 1 metal headband

Check back for more costumes coming soon!