Anna G Press“What the show might lack in occasional sound, it makes up in spades in vision. Chiefly, Anna Glowacki’s impressive costume designs that include an alien kick line….”
– Misha Davenport, The Chicago Sun-Times

“Anna Glowacki’s fanciful costumes are a delight.”
– Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Reader
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“Costume designer Anna Glowacki cleverly deconstructs traditional fairy tale costumes by piecing together vintage fabrics”
– Lucia Mauro, National Public Radio “Eight Forty-Eight”

“…both Anna Glowacki’s eye-catching costumes and Adam Miller-Batteau’s tight sword fights proved attractive enough to kids from a neighboring birthday party, who brought over their chairs and set up camp.”
– Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago

“Anna Glowacki’s nautically stylized costumes and Miller’s video projections set just the right tone for The Plagiarists’ collage”
– Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago

“They are colorfully and imaginatively costumed by Anna Glowacki, with a nod toward commedia dell’arte and Harlequin.”
– Jonathan Abarbanel, Windy City Times
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“Costume designer Anna Glowacki’s scruffy chic circus garb…add to the show’s visual appeal, which is considerable considering the space constraints.”
– Barbara Vitello, The Daily Herald