Costumed Characters for Events

Anna G. Costumed Characters can add personality to your next event.

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Garden Party Gal :

This costume features a drinkable beverage service BUILT INTO THE COSTUME! Wow your party guests with this fun way of serving drinks!

Photo by Austin D. Oie / MUA:

Vampire and Victim :

Perfect for Halloween party or Vampire Ball! This Vampire pours drinks out of her victim’s neck!

Photo by Austin D. Oie / MUA:


Paper Lantern Parade:

These ladies create the perfect ambiance for your party. Have your party guests watch them elegantly stroll around with their light-up  “lantern” skirts !


Record Player Gal :

This costumed character can serve light appetizers and desserts off of her spinning “record player” skirt. She can be customized to any type of music theme!

The Cream and Sugar Doll :

Make coffee and tea time at your next event extra sweet as the Cream and Sugar Doll offers cream and sugar packets from her dress!

Photo by Austin D. Oie / MUA: